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Hey, I'm Lauren!

It all started with me BS'ing my way into my first big girl corporate job. 

I literally bought a paid search advertising book 3 days before an interview for a PAID SEARCH JOB and I spent 3 DAYS reading it from cover to cover. The position was NOT entry level, although I was. So I had to learn every little thing I could to appear knowledgeable and experienced. (And guess what, I got the job)!

Not to toot my own horn, but if I'm passionate about something, learning comes easy to me. So very quickly, I learned. I excelled. And 7 months later, I did what I came there for. 

I transferred to their state-of-the-art social media room and I ABSORBED everything. I managed advertising campaigns with big (I'm talking hundreds of thousands of dollars big) budgets. I reported on campaigns, provided insights, and got to witness some pretty cool stuff - but I always had a passion for entrepreneurship and doing things 'my way.'

Eventually, I took the leap, quit my job, hired my first employee, and had a solid team of contractors. Seems like I had it all together, right? 

And at the core of all my problems was one thing. My strategy for the brand wasn't clear. I was relying on word of mouth for new clients and not doing the one thing I did best for my clients: online marketing. For my own dang brand!

I went back to the drawing board and restrategized the heck out of how we WANTED to gain clients. And gain clients the new, fulfilling way... we did.

In the summer of 2020, the opportunity came along to sell LBMG Marketing to a local tech company and join them as their Marketing Director - and we took it.

But it wasn't long (just a few weeks) until my heart was pulling my brain and entire being back to entrepreneurship - which at my core is what I love. All the stars aligned and just as soon as I started missing the branding-building and entrepreneurship that I loved, I got the call that my new job with the fancy title wasn't going to work out. 

I knew this was it. This was my chance, with my new CLEAR vision, to build the brand of my dreams - a brand about helping ambitious entrepreneurs just like myself make their dreams their reality, have a heck of a lot of fun while doing it, and getting there much faster with so much less overwhlem.. 

I am a marketing consultant, brand strategist and the founder of Brand Good Time.

Every day, I work with amazing creatives to help them grow their brand. I'm my clients' hypewoman in every sense of the word and I couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing!

my background isn't glamorous. In fact, it's a little crazy...


and so, Brand Good Time was born.

Thought I had it figured out. I most definitely did not have it figured out.

If you wanted a peek down that memory lane...

Two thousand something

College Graduation

Proof of adventurous and daring nature

Corporate Agency Job

Can you tell I loved it

So while I was there, I founded my first company: LBMG Marketing, where I started taking on clients of my own (side hustle, say what!) 

My ultimate mission is to help businesses of all sizes ditch the overwhelm, avoid burnout, and grow the heck out of their passion driven business so they can have more flexibility and freedom - through everything they do.

I know the tricks, tips and trade secrets to help set you apart from your competition and make you the best version of yourself in business I, too, am a business owner, and when it comes to marketing yourself and scaling your business, I am fast on my feet, always looking to innovate and create the most engaging methods for reaching your audience and scaling your brand. I am one to always come up with new ideas. And I believe that it’s okay to have SO much fun every step of the way. 

With my wanderlust background and relatable business running experiences, I use my passion for creative marketing and business building to educate and bridge any gaps there are in your business and marketing plans. 

From having a BRAND GOOD LAUNCH, to recreating and analyzing what is and what isn’t working in your business.  I guide and re-position your goals with a twist, and if it’s a Friday, I add a shot of tequila and a side of lime for a real BRAND GOOD TIME #TequilaFriday! And, I try a different one every Friday, because I’m never afraid to make a change!

Moving forward is what I am all about. My goal is to help you find structure, consistency and creative vibes. I am in it for the long haul. I make sure that you are not alone throughout the entire process and know how to help those who don’t even know where to start. Because remember, I too have been there! When you work with me, I provide all my business and marketing secrets and resources for businesses who want to scale quickly and take their ideas to the next level. 

And guess what? I've failed, so you don't have to
(queue the funfetti)

“Everything is figureoutable” as Marie Forleo says, but I am here to help you have a BRAND GOOD TIME figuring it all out! 

“Everything is figureoutable” as Marie Forleo says, but I am here to help you have a brand good time figuring it all out! 

Snacks. You can always count on me to have snacks.

A ridiculously creative mind.

A ridiculously creative mind.

Strategies to solve your business and marketing woes.

Strategies to solve your business and marketing woes.

Good times. Duh.

Good times. Duh.

what i bring to the table

what i bring to the table

Lead tracking: it's how I literally doubled my business revenue in a few short months and allowed me to scale my former agency faster than I ever thought possible - and today, it's what helps me keep a sustainable business across multiple streams of income.


I promise that you'll never find a business and marketing consultant like me.

My goal is to help you find structure and constantly be on the forefront of innovation - so you can have a lasting, sustainable brand.

I'll be right there by your side (with a shot of tequila and a lime) to make sure that the process is fun and NOT overwhelming - turning your incredible business dreams into a profitable existence.  

When you work with me, you get direct access to all of my marketing secrets and business resources that are specially meant for brands who want to save time, save MONEY, and take their ideas to the next level. 

Ready to level up your business?

work with me!

and so, Brand Good Time was born.

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